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Born from the Positive experience and Know-How gained in the past 15 years , working for the most important companies in the Italian tourism sector , VISIT AMALFI COAST is a new group of private drivers & guides (fully licensed and insured) , headquartered in Naples , with an established and extensive network in Italy.
Using a fresh approach to the customers , we (can) take care of all your transportation needs and more , providing local day tours and private transfers throughout Italy and Shore-Excursions from the most importan ports :
• Naples / Sorrento/Amalfi/ Salerno
• Civitavecchia
• Livorno/ La spezia
• Messina / Catania
Our mission is to leave in your memories something more than special “to be kept for long time” and provide high quality private services everywhere people travel.
Surfing the site, you will find many services that can be purchased “off the shelf” , however eache can be customized to fit a traveler’s specific needs.
If you feel that we have given you enough reasons to contact us , please, let us know and we won’t let you down!!!

Italian Phone Number

(+39) 3343510005
(+39) 3336534595

USA Phone Number

(+1) (347) 201-8706

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All of our vehicles are new, non smoking with double air conditioning and plenty of leg room and luggage space.
Our drivers speak excellent English and guarantee a smooth, safe drive.


The most powerful sedan and class of our vehicle fleet, suitable for transfer services, business, VIP service or weddings. Luxurious and refined, it really offers a “TOP CLASS” service.

3 + Driver

2 big suitcases + 2 trolleys


Designed with the latest model equipment, to handle up to 8 passengers through any weather condition, guaranteeing you a safe and pleasant ride, Our Mercedes minivans are practical, spacious, safe, equipped by every comfort, suitable for each kind of transport service due to the proper ability and versatility that ensure space above the norm for passengers and luggage.

7/8 + Driver

5 big suitcases + trolleys


We have bus from 16 to 50 seats. All the vehicles have air conditioned and fridge.
When you need a bit more luxury and comfort than a standard Van, this is the vehicle for your group. It also has room for your luggage if you are going too or from the airport.

9 (up to 50) + Driver


Model: Open 900
Builder: Tecnonautica
Motorization: 2 x 315 hp Eb – Yanmar
Maximum speed: 33 knots
Overall length: 9.20 meters
Max. beam: 3.45 meters
Water tank capacity: 200 lt
Fuel tank capacity: 800 lt
Max. number of people on board: 12
Cabins: 2 – Wc: 1 – Kitchen: 1 – Bed places: 2+1



Positano is in a stunningly beautiful panoramic position along one of the most beautiful stretches of coast of the Sorrento peninsula. It is an ancient fishing village which has become one of the most elegant and well known health resorts of the Amalfi Coast that symbolize and embody “la dolce vita”, thanks to its cluster of pastel houses clinging to the steep ledges of the Lattari Mountains, which reflect themselves in the clear sea below, surrounded by an intense fragrance of lemon and bright and vivid colors of bougainvillea.


Amalfi A picturesque interlacing of alleys and stairways overlooks the sea with all its extraordinary colors reflecting the enchanting landscape of Amalfi, the town whose name blesses the entire coast. Dominated by the majestic Cathedral dedicated to Sant’Andrea (St. Andrew), Amalfi proffers innumerable testimonies of its glorious past as a Maritime Republic. its cluster of white buildings gleams like a pearl in the strand of towns strung along the Amalfi Coast


Sitting high in the hills above Amalfi overlooking the whole Gulf of Salerno ,Ravello is one of the the hidden treasure of the Divine coast, due to the irresistible fascination and fame that made it famous in the world, a perfect combination of art and music to deserve the acknowledgement as cultural heritage of UNESCO and the appellative of City of Music. Boasting impeccable bohemian credentials – Wagner, DH Lawrence and Virginia Woolf all spent time here – it’s today known for its ravishing gardens and stupendous views, one of the best in the world and certainly the best on the coast.


It’s an incredible well preserved roman town buried under 20 feet of ashes during the main eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. ; here , every year , about 3.000 000 tourists come to visit The roman shops , The teather , the forum , the baths , and where you can live a very touching experience when you visit the recreation of the bodies made with chalk that show the agony of the inhabitants of Pompeii after the eruption, because of the hot gases coming from the volcano.


Capri is a romantic paradise and a picturesque , small ,beautiful chic Island famous in Italy and in the entire world due to the beauty of the landscape and the glamourous life, the famous shops, the rich villas and the colorful gardens .
The island is rich in culture and amazing views and since Romans it was considered a jewel for the breathtaking panoramas and the crystal blue waters.
In Capri there is satisfaction for every taste!


Founded by the Greeks in the 7Th Century B. C. Napoli was ruled by many different nations : Byzantine, Longboard, Norman, Swabian, Angevin, Aragonese, Spanish, Austrian, Borbonic and French ; all of which left an indelible sign of their presence not only in the buildings and monuments of the city but also in the customs, traditions and way of life of the Neapolitans people. The history of Naples is perfectly legible in its urban structure, which maintains the signs of a city built slowly over a period of 25 centuries: this is the reason why the town is listed amongst the World Cultural Heritage Sites By the UNESCO Last but not least , Napoli is also the city of the PIZZA and Mozzarella cheese and other delicious specialities !!!