A family tradition since 1972
 Thank you very much for visiting our website.
My name is Mario Frenna , manager of Visit Amalfi Coast. 

I was born and still live in Naples, where “people love people” so I am very welcoming to everyone who is visiting my area and I make sure to provide the best experience here. This friendly approach with the travellers along with my decennial experience in my job, makes me believe that you will find in me the right guide for you! 

Since I was a child I had an interest in this type of work, especially because my family always worked in the tourism industry , in fact my father started as a tour guide in Naples in 1970 with a single hope , to share the Italian culture with anyone who wanted to experience it). My passion for history and the local art, brought me to deepen my studies and in my spare time, I helped my family running their business.

 Driven by my passion and devotion to my birth city, in 2001 I obtained the driving license for guided tours, walking tours and limousine service. In the last few years, I’m taking care of all private transportations for my guests!

My aim is to leave in your memories something more than special, to be kept for a long time.
I’m a “specialist” for any type of guests: my ability to listen and translate their needs into clear answers, make me the ideal person for amazing customized day trips.
Currently, I organize various tours of my region (Campania) and Italy, I can offer you a lot of excursions in the most beautiful cities and important archaeological sites of the area: Sorrento, Ravello, Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Caserta, Mt. Vesuvius, Oplontis, Herculaneum, Naples, Paestum, Catania , Rome , Florence and so on.

If you feel that I have given you enough reasons to contact me, please, let me know and I won’t let you down!!!